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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution

Heylo there!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's a new year!

Feel so bored. Spent 12am at CI with churchies. Feel so bored now. Blackshot the whole night .
Since this post is about new year, let's just write my new's year resolution...

#! :
Try to do my quiet time more often. At least thrice a week

Strive in studies and NPCC. If you are wondering why NPCC again.. Well, after attending NCO camp.. I felt like a had a chance in NPCC again, which is GOOD! :) Soyeahhh... But I really hope I get a good position in NPCC and get good results..

Stop with the boyfriends for this year. Enough is enough. Really.

Learn to save money!! Have been spending A LOT of moneyy! So yeahh, need to start saving~

Organize my things and follow my time table.... THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Okayy! That's all actually. I don't really wish much... This is all that I can think of for the time being... My brain is quiet tired because I stayed up the whole night. Corn's next to me right now! Hahahah! Honestly, he's one of the best buds I have so far. Love him (as a friend, obviously)! :)

That's all, Good morning ;D HAPPY NEW YEAR...
Bye lovelies! <3

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