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Friday, January 4, 2013

CCA Recruitment Day


So today was cca recruitment day! One of the BEST cca recruitment day I attended so far!!!

I was excited for this like since last night!!! Hahahah! Look at my excitment! I'll just skip straight to before CCA started.

So Ash and I was polishing our boots and I was helping Ash put her badges too. Then Han Wei asked us to help, we helped, we set up the booth, had muster parade, then it started...

I still remember the first group of boys I talked too. Can't really remember most of their names... I only remember they all from 1D ( LOL, One Direction), Fernandaz? Jun Hao, Roy, Errrr..... I forget.. Sorryy! Heheheh1 But they were pretty awesome luhh! They didn't even consider about other CCAs, after talking for around 3 mins, they wrote their name on the sign up list... I was like :O Eff this shit, I 'm awesome at it! Hahah! #ProudOfMyself

Hahah! Then I continued, they started doing cheers, drills, shouting around and all.. Having a bad sorethroat now :( BUT I WANT TO LOSE MY VOICE! Hahah! Then cannot talk muchhhhh! Hahah! I really don't know what to write leh.. Quite sleepy. Tiring yet fun day! :D

Can't wait for next year's one! <3<3

Bye lovelies! <3


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