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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not my day


In no mood today, everything seems to be going wrong. :/

During recess, I wanted to play a prank on Darryl, I put my leg on the chair, who knew, my leg really hurt and I was stretching it. Darryl came back and kicked my leg. I told him my leg is pain, he said he didn't care. So I scold him. That wasn't the worst scolding already. Could have said more.

Then never mind.... Just now during PT..

The IC himself cannot even be bothered with PT. This one don't want, that one don't want. Then come conduct PT for fuck? You have to do stretching. They skipped stretching . Then they can't make up their mind.. Guess what, tmr already start to take over, and this is the attitude they show. Doesn't mean that there's no sir/NCO means cannot do properly. Want to say I act big, go ahead. I did what was right, I was taking the initiative.

Especially that Alson and Elton, they want come for CCA, they give their best, they don't come here and fuck everything up. It's not necessary. If they wanna go home, let them go. Fuck you two bitches.

Arghhh! Don't want to say any further, or else later got people scold me. But I really regret saying that my squad is better, really. So to Danial, If you are reading this, I'm sorry. I got no evidence to support my point anymore.

Today is just not my day luhh. I wanna sleep now. Bye ..

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