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Sunday, January 20, 2013

We Are The Champions


In a good mood today~! Hahah!

Yesterday, There was a "Are you 'APP' for it" competition at RGS. I met ZiQi, Aaron and Yong Siong at Lot 1 to have macs breakfast at 6.30am! Hahah! Then we met Sir JiaJun at bus interchange at 7.30am. We were almost late luckily not luhh.

There was Angry Bird, Temple Run, Sky Burger, Plant vs Zombie, Fruit Ninja, xFactor , Draw Something and Ovenbreak. Our favourite station was Fruit Ninja. We were laughing our ass off. The least fun was xFactor, cause we kinda screwed up our performance. We had to come out with a group cheer too. It was fun~ Hahah!

During the prize presentation, we were damn anxious. Being the eldest, I comforted them that it's okay to not win as long as we had fun. Then they started with 3rd place. We were damnnnnnn shocked. It was Victoria School. Then we were like ?! I really though they would win because they always win in every competition. I felt like we wouldn't have a chance because if they got 3rd, we won't even get 2nd, don't even talk about 1st place. Then they say 2nd was Maris Stella. We clapped as normal. Then when they wanted to announce first, they ask for drumrolls. Then I was like.... confirm Raffles liao loh.. Then they say West Spring, we were like..... WHATTTTTTT?! I was the most shocked. We always get certs for joining the competition only. Then we went up to get our medals and trophy~ OMGOSHHH!! Still in shocked.

Nice hor? Heheh! My second medal in my entire life. Heheh~ Sooooo proud of the sec 2s. Their first competition and they won! Heheh! K luhh. That's all I've gotta do my things.

Ending off with a pic of myself~

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