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Friday, February 15, 2013

International Friendship Day


Don't really wish to talk about Valentine's Day, but it was International Friendship Day!! Sooo.. This post is gonna be about my friends!

Even though I don't have much friend in school, I'm appreciative of those who have been there for me! <3

Firstly it's Kitty! <3 I really don't know how we became close friends. Probably because I sat next to her last year! She is currently my bestest friend in school! <3 Heheh!

K luhh, since Shawn is in the picture, I'll just count him in okay? Hahah! Syaffry is the "Lady's Man" Hahah! Just kidding. He's awesome! Next is Yang Yi! Yang Yi is my son! Hahah! Next is Elriyann! My gay buddy! He's just so cute and funny! Arghhh! His dumb is cute! Shawn... Haish.. He's quite ok luh actually. Sitting next to him in class. Eekk... Hahah! Even though sometimes he very annoying but I like to disturb him too! hahah!

I really really love this pic! Hahah! It's the 2Fs!!! HAHAHAH!

This was last year class photo! Love my class <3 2F is still the best!

Loving this pic too! The NCDCC and NPCC! Hahah!

This handsome guy is my bestest friend in Church now! He talks to me when I'm lonely. He's the best luhhh <3

Yay!! Managed to find a pic of Chester! Hahahah! He's one of my best buddy in school toooo! <3 Probably the male best friend.

My soon-to-be room mates! Will be sharing a room with them in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam! SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SPENDING MY FOUR DAYS IN THE SAME ROOM WITH THEM!

K luhh. I won't miss out this gay luh! Even though he not so close to me anymore. I hope that he will continue to be a good friend to others, learn to irritate people lesser and speak at correct times. Be more polite and respectful towards people. And also have a mutual sensitivity for people. :)

I think that's all for now! Have to sleep! Still have school tmr! Goodnights and buhbyes! :)

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