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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Being an NCO

Hello! In the mood to blog.

Like what the blog title says, it's gonna be about being an NCO. So the first week I take squad, I take sec 2s for muster parade. I felt awesome cause no one taught me what to do but I know what to do. Hahah! K luhh, skip the first training one. Talk about the latest training one. I was satisfied with the training although they can improve further. Disappointed with the attendance.

Let me tell you what they lacked. They lack in their punctuality, initiative, commitment and attitude.


I gave them 10 minutes to changed, they took 15 minutes. When I shouted "10 minutes very long hor? Nvm, take your time to walk" THEN THEY STILL WALK! WTF!!!!

When you ask for volunteer you can wait 10 years and no one will volunteer.

Since they joined NPCC already, why not just give in their best? I mean like the swore in already. Then just do it luhhh! Why back out?

Most of them have the bochup attitude, which is not good.

I really really hope that they will strive towards their squad goal. Lucky the previous training, my squad was okay. They cooperated with me uh. But Jal was in my squad. SO FREAKING HARD TO TEACH WHEN AN AUTISTIC KID'S ATTENTION SPAN IS LIKE THREE SECONDS LONG. Haishh, not being stereotypical against autistic kids. But it's really hard. *Salutes to those who work in MINDS*

Should really find a technique to teach him. For the rest, I hope they will come for training and hopefully I can find a way to let everyone enjoy training each week.

That's all I guess! :D

Signing out with a pic!

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