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Thursday, July 9, 2015


You're just like a helium balloon.

Everyone likes and wants you. 
Everyone likes you cause they think you're special. But you know you're just a plastic/rubber filled with helium. 

But when I got you, I never wanna let you go. I tie you to my hands, making sure it's secured and trust that it won't come undone. Sometimes even holding on to you cause I feel like you might go anytime even though you're already tied to me. 

I'll make sure nothing sharp comes in contact with you cause I don't want you to leave me. 

There's really nothing much about a helium balloon but for some reason I just like you so much, like you make me feel special you know? Walking around with you right beside me. Seeing that people are jealous of me cause I got you and I don't have to be afraid cause I know you're securely tied to me and you wouldn't leave me unless someone cuts you away. 

I spend whatever time I have just to play with you, even though you can be really annoying at times. But it's okay cause I love you. 

And sometimes, I expect more happiness from you, I poke a little hole in you just for the helium, forgetting that I was hurting you. Then I see that you're barely floating. Then I quickly put a tape over it, hoping that it would save you. Only then I realized that the only reason I liked you is cause you're not that complicated, you're just a floating plastic, and I like you for that. You made me happy all the time, especially when I look at you. And that's all that matters, my happiness. 

I know there comes a day where I have to let you go, cause nothing last forever. And when it's time, I let you go. I know I'll be crying as I watch you float up in the sky, knowing that you'll never come back. It will hurt a lot. But I will just have to live with it. Afterall, it's good times that we share and an experience that we learn from. But until that day comes, I'll always make sure that you're safely and securely tied to my hands. Holding on to you and never letting go of you. 

--- The End ---

Just a random short story I wrote while I was thinking and missing someone. :) 

Inspired by the helium balloon I bought for my birthday. hehe 
Who knew a balloon could be so deep right? 

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