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Saturday, October 21, 2017

It seems that everyone has forgotten that this space existed. And I'm happy it's like that now. So many things happened since my previous post (obvi). Finally went on the much awaited trip to Bangkok. I had so much fun even though it was such a short trip and I wish I could have accomplished more things. Things did however take a turn when I came back.

I disconnected a certain friendship. I had an asthma attack. I decided to resign. Somehow I just fell apart.

So I kinda stopped talking to a certain someone right after the Bangkok trip. I felt like there's no use trying to save the relationship since it was always showing cracks. But eventually I made up with that person, talked things through like an adult. We don't talk as often but I'm happy that we're still friends. Maybe one day we'll return to being that close but for now, I like it this way I guess. We still talk on the phone once in awhile. So all is good on that note.

I'm still suffering from my asthma even though I literally just recovered last week, which is fucking irritating cause it's affecting everything.

Anyways to the more important stuff, I actually tendered my resignation not too long ago. After much consideration, I felt like maybe it was better to try another line or just get out of my workplace because it was somewhat stressful. But it was towards the one week after I came back from my MC I felt like I want to stay longer in the company. I felt like I belong there but I also felt like I needed to get a promotion.  I did talk to my managers about it and they are extremely happy to help me get a promotion. Eventually, I withdrew my resignation. So I'm just looking forward to Feb to know if I'm getting the promotion. If I don't I'm just gonna go to school.

I have such big plans for my future but I really have to think everything through. It's gonna take 5 years to accomplish but hopefully, everything works out fine.

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