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Wednesday, March 13, 2013



This is an update post about what's going on in mahh life. Hahah!

If you are wondering what's AUML, it's Anti-Unlicensed Money Lending (Ah Long/Loan Shark in short)! There were two shift but I took both shift. The morning shift was very very busy because all the main event was in the morning only. Afternoon shift very bored. We were literally just slacking around. But both shift was very fun. It was a very long day indeed. Morning 7+ already leave the house. Only reached home around 8+ in the evening. Was kinda pissed during the morning shift because people didn't want to tie balloons and left all the balloon tying to me :( My middle finger swell, it's not that swollen anymore, but it hurts. I was having fever the whole day though. I skipped lunch because I was too lazy to go to Senja Grand to have the buffet lunch :x. Hahaahha! But the dinner was nice. NASI LEMAK! Haahah! Afternoon shift; Damn slack, cause not much people at BPP. I was playing spiderweb with Chester on purpose! Hahah! Stepped on his boots like a million times before he gave up. Then played scissor paper stone (The slap the hands one) until Chester's hand was bruised :x. It's not my fault that I'm so violent. The officers was looking at me play and laughing to themselves. All their smiles so cute. Most of them so handsome sia. Sadly their too old for me. Haishhh, their probably too shy to approach me (okay, I'm just trying to make myself feel better/ telling myself that they have no taste not I ugly :x) Hahah! That's how I boost my self-esteem. Be positive. But not tooooo positive at times, cause that can cause trouble. Like baba. EEeeks. Don't talk about her. Give me nightmares.

Anyways, after the roadshow ended, went to have ice-cream at Macs with Chester and Coby. Syadzwan pangseh-ed us. Then went to Harvey Norman cause Chester wanted to buy a new keyboard. Then at this point of time, I fell in love with the most amazing thing ever.... DEATHSTALKER
Let me introduce him to you guys.

He's so awesome because
1) He's a gaming keyboard
2) It has a switchblade thingy (Which means I can multitask! I can tweet/fb/listen to songs while I game through the switchblade panel)
3) It's just that awesome

But it's so expensive. This shall just remain in my wishlist. Will only buy it when I got the money (When I start working). Mum said that her niece could employ me and might be working next week during the March Holidays. Might work for her during the June Holidays too!

Okayy! Needa sleep soon! So drowsy from my medication! *Yawnzzz* I really yawn! Hahah! Okayy! Till the next time, GOODBYE :)

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