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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Really really fucked up life

Not in the mood to start the post proper. So many things going in my family sia, in school also.

Seriously? Do people have to be so childish over break ups? You wanted it what. I told you so many times that I don't want to break up with you. SO MANY TIMES. I told you that you mention it on an average of 4 times a day. I was right, wasn't I? Write all those rules out but break them like nobody's business. Still say you don't care? Then write for fuck? I really cannot take it leh. You ask me to tolerate with your attitude. I say, okay, just don't go overboard. But what do you do? You go overboard, mention for breakups and then walk away. I know all your friends don't like me and they want me to break up with you luh. Need to do all this or not?

Do you really love me or not? You just think about break ups all the time? Did you ever thought of how I felt in the first place? It hurts me every time. When I start crying, you would start scolding me. You know all my problems at home. Every single one of them. You know that I really hate my life and I don't want to live anymore. But why do you do all this? And even mock me for having all those unnecessary problems. It hurts ALOT you know. You are the reason why I look forward to going school. You are the reason why I am continuing school. You do know that I want to stop studying right?

People are just gonna continue to judge me from my tweets and blog. But seriously, if you don't know me well, please go make the effort to know me better or just shut the fuck up,carry on with your life and don't give a fuck about mine. Cause apparently, I don't give a fuck about yours. Unless you are my boyfriend. Yes, I do want a single life, but I really love you a lot. You think it's so easy to forget you? You have no idea how much I cry over you. For you alone you know. Looking at your tweets... WOW. People congratulating you for having a new lover. "Friends" supporting you for having a new lover? I thought you said no one will like you? What's this now?

A guy I don't even know confessed on the page, I don't even know who the fuck is that guy you know. And you broke up with me for it? Really? Don't you think you're being a little bit too childish?

Then what tmr? You are gonna start cursing and swearing at me during recess with your childish and immature "friends" just to make my life more miserable, right?

To all those dickheads who don't really know me but like to judge me, I can choose to name you out one by one, but I really choose not to. If you got the guts to talk about me behind my back, comment on my blog. If you want to give me any comments, negative or positive, just comment. If you want to confront me for don't know what reason, comment also. One does not simply judge another. Learn the story before you speak, cause you don't know how much you are hurting that person. Trust me, it hurts. Once it happens to you, all these negative thoughts will come to your mind. You can't sleep, no appetite to eat, all you wanna do is just die.

To that some one,
I really love you, since you promised to your friends that this was the last chance you are gonna give me, I respect that. Heard that you got a new lover uh? :) I hope she treats you better. I hope your friends like her more. I hope you two will be happy. Please don't get so angry with her when you having a bad day. Treat her well, okay? Don't break her heart, love her with all your heart. I wish you all the best. :)

Signing off...

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