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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Breakaway from the past

Hello guys!

I bet you are shocked to see me blog! Hahah! I'm getting a little bored at home so I decided to blog about some clarifications! Hahah!

I know recently I blogged about not getting over him. Well, I thought over it, I'm moving on. I mean like I don't wanna live in the past and let everything replay. It was a good experience. When I am single, I see myself spending more time with my family and friends and I like it. It's good to see the bonds that I created. At least I'm not trapped and I have the freedom to express and show my true self. You must be wondering what is it that made me move on. Well, it was my reflections and God I guess. I can't even built a relationship with God. What makes myself think that I'm ready to take on this earthly world? Hahah! I guessed I changed a lot this year. My teachers said that my studies were very bad in the beginning of the year, but they see me improving. Which is good! ^^

I've seen my dreams now. I sometimes still look back in the past, but I look forward to the future more. Because "Yesterday was a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why it's called present." Treasure everyday. "Heaven is a breath away" You never know what's gonna happen. I'm currently not searching for a boyfriend. I'm just having fun being single. Even though, sometimes I get a little despo and wish for a boyf. But I've decided that God is my boyfriend. Hahah! :) He loves me more than anyone does. He does not judge me. If he could accept my flaws, I don't see why people can't.

I've thought my future over. If God is good and let me pass this audition and be an actress. I will continue acting and at the same time, pursue my dreams of being a professional make up artist. COSMOPROF, I'M COMING. Hahah! But firstly, I've got to get my O-Level cert. Then I can get my diploma in professional makeup. Hahahah! SO EXCITED. BUT, if I fail this audition, I will be sad. But I will choose to become a prison warden or ICA officer! :D Hahah! In any circumstances, God has a plan for me to prosper and give me hope :).

I guess that's all I have for today. I'm planning to actually start making YouTube videos. BUT MY CAMERA IS SPOILT :( HAISHHH! It's okay! I will figure out a way! :)

I love you awesome nerds :)

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