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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Silent Hill in Singapore

Hello people! Since I have the time, it's time to blog!

Ohmaigoodness, if you live in Singapore, you should know how terrible the haze is. It's extremely bad here. The PSI now is 310. So terrible. Especially with the fact that I live at the east area. :/ It was very very terrible last night. Really look like Silent Hill man! It would be very creepy is there's zombie. Crap, I don't have the photo with me. I took a photo of the back of my house. Really very terrible. Hahah, the surgical mask is sold out EVERYWHERE. Hahah! Now you can see everyone is wearing mask. School will most probably close for another week and I will most probably do my homework then. Hahah! I hope no E-Learning though. I'm supposed to do revision during my June holiday. But my June holiday was kinda screwed. Currently waiting for 7pm then I go cook dinner! Cooking Fried Rice for dinner.

HAHAH! Here's a very lame photo of me

HAHAH! Because wearing a mask is to mainstream. They're out of stock anyway.

Haishhh! Audition is tmr, and I'M NOT PREPARED. KILL ME PLEASE :( ...I'm fking scared. (Sorry for the vulgarism) Pray for me please. I'm scared. Haisshhhhhh! I guess I will blog about the audition tmr :)

Love you guys! :)

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