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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Home not home

Hello guys! I know I haven't blog in a long time. Haishhh! I want to blog but no timeeee.. SORRY GUYSSS! I STILL LOVE Y'ALL!

This topic is something I wanted to blog for a long time just no time. Haishhh!

Let's start with the people in the house okay? Currently, I'm staying at woodlands with my maternal relatives which consist of my aunt uncle and grandma. We completely moved in in May. And I can honestly tell you, my life has been hell. I would honestly live in a prison cell than be in this rat hole. Background info about my aunt; My aunt is a social worker with a very bad anger management, she works in a senior activity centre and enjoys acting cute thinking she is 6 years old when she is 45years old. Enjoys yelling at my severely depressed grandmother and sometimes even lay her dirty hand on my grandma. Background on my uncle; Another social worker who works in a mentally disabled school as a trainer which requires a lot of patience and good communication skills. Grandma don't want to eat, he scolds her and blames her for everything.

Seriously, why do such people exist uhh? No filial piety at all! Let me share something that has happened recently;

It all started when we want to open a flea store, on that day, I told my aunt we needed some spare change just in case. She said my grandma has a lot of $2 notes. But when they went to take it, they said it was all missing. Nvm. Recently, her EZ-Link card was also missing. My aunt mumbled to herself "So funny, last time our house nothing missing. Now suddenly money and EZ link card missing" I WAS LIKE WTF WHEN I HEARD THAT MAN. ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY WE STOLE THE MONEY AND THE FUCKING EZLINK CARD? WHO WOULD WANNA STEAL A FUCKING EZLINK CARD. OKAY, EZLINK CARD I STEAL ONE UH. I HAVE NO LIFE THATS WHY I GO STEAL EZLINK CARD. WTF. I would rather take the money than take EZ link card lorh. WTF. Seriously. No evidence no proof want to say people steal her money and ezlink. How the heck I know where the fuck she put the money. I don't even want to go into the room lorh. The urine smell so smelly. I go in have to hold my breath or else I will vomit. Tsktsk.

Arghhh! I'm to pissed to say anything! Omg. Why do idiots like them exist. ARGHHHHH!
Anyone who is renting out their flat or knows anyone who is renting out a room please inform me. Less than $500 pleaseee! Thanks!


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