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Thursday, October 10, 2013




So on the 30th August to 1st September, I attended a camp at Pulau Ubin which was STC (Survival Training Camp). I was expecting it to be boring or even worse than ATC ( Adventure Training Camp) which I attended in last year. ATC was really really boring. It's torturous because there was nothing fun about it and I really wanted to go home because I really don't know anyone. Luckily last year Cow and Chen Xi was in the same group as me. I don't know if I blogged about ATC before. But yeah, I'm really lucky that STC was really awesome. Since it was the last camp for me, unless I retain, I decided to break out of my comfort zone (I'm secretly shy, I know this sounds hard to believe but yeah, it's true).

I wasn't exactly looking forward to STC. But when I reach there, I started helping the SPF officers cause West Spring was the logistic school. There were around 5 SPF sirs (?). Out of the 5, I only know Sir Iqbaal, Sir Chokbak ( dw to tell you guys his name <3 HE IS SO FREAKING HOT.) and Sir Leo. The rest I not sure of their name. But they damn handsome uhhh! :P I really hope they don't read my blog. I would be really really embarrassed. But I really wish I can see Sir Chokbak again. OMG. He is damn hot and he took care of me <3 Hehe, child labour. Only me and the SPF Sir would understand what I meant :P I digressed a lot. Lol! Okayyy, At first I was emo-ing a little cause I got super shy and I was the only girl from WSSS in my group. So I was sitting alone at the back. Then the girl in front of me turned around and asked for my name and talked a little. Then I remembered her because she was my tentmate! She said she would be my buddy! I agreed. So we started talking! Hahah! Then I started making friend with my GI(Group Instructor), which was Sir Curry. Heheh! I gave him that name cause he wouldn't tell us his real name. Our group name is Prata, so what is prata without the curry? Hahah! Then he told us that he had to take vegetarian food because he couldn't eat anything spicy. He would have anger management issues is he ate curry! He so cute cause he is literally round! HAHAHAH! The funniest part is when he sat on the slope and he almost rolled backwards, like literally! HAHAHAHAH First day was boring though. Second day was awesome except the fact that I had headache like the whole day. Sir Chokbak said I could only do Jetty Jump because of my previous injuries when I was younger. And jetty jump happens to be my first activity! HEHEH AND SIR CHOKBAK WAS THERE LOOKING ALL HAWT AND ALL. OMG I DIED. HAHAH AND CAME BACK TO LIFE SO I CAN SEE HIM MORE. WHEEEEEEE.... Just kidding, Im going crazy! HAHAH! So basically the only fun thing about the second day was the Jetty Jump and campfire. I was chosen to be a leader for campfire. It's honestly tough to get the group to contribute if everyone is still not so close to each other. But I honestly love my group! They too awesome uh ! Hahah! I was like the super duper hyper one for campfire. So awkward yet funny at the same time >< HEHEH! I was so sad on the third day cause we were leaving. I honestly wish I could spend 4 days with my awesome team mates. I really hope I meet my Prata friends again! Sadly, I didn't win best camper, even though I really wanted it. But I'm fine. I won something else. I won the best memories I could ever gotten. My last STC happened to be the best :')

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