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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hey guys! It's November already! Faster than I thought it would be.

October had been okay to me I guess. Loads of memories but also one of my most stressful months because of exams! Let's not talk about my results alright? Heheh!

Spent the first day of November doing nothing actually. But spent the first night of November at Holland Village. It's funny how it's my first time at Holland Village :x Me and bro dressed up a bit since we're going to an atas place.

Mum's friend treated us for dinner. Dinner @ Tango's . I felt really bad ordering food cause it's really very expensive. Cream of Mushroom soup cost $16.90 omg! But it was De-li-cious OMG! Hahah!

You'd probably saw what I drank uhh. Hahah I actually finished 2 bottles. All in the name of enjoying life okay. Not stepping cool or attracting attention. The carbonated drinks and fruit juices were freaking expensive so I might as well just order something else right. Now I have beer belly. :(

Ate a lot of awesome food mann, Hahah! The best was the rack of lambs. >< Awesome shit
#Selfie >< Felt a little tipsy afterwards but it's worth the experience. Hahah! Alright, moving on to November 2nd. Went out with mumz in the morning and afternoon. Went to Far East Plaza to get some shoes for upcoming dinner. But I ended up getting extensions! Heheh! Went to church afterwards and rushed home to go to relatives place.

#ootn :)

Look as my sexy ass extensions ><

Look of the night. You guys probably don't care, but I'm gonna state what I put on my face.

Foundation; Silky Girl Skin Perfect in 04 Tan
Eyebrows; Rhomlon (Heheh, Actually drew my brows for once.)
Eyeliner; Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Brown & Sephora Jumbo Mascara in Black (For lower lashline)
Eyeshadow; Midnight Blue from Body Shop
Cheeks: Sweet Pink (From some pasar malam heheh :)
Lips: Rhomlon lipstick in Red ($1.50 only omg)

Hahah! I purposely made the eyes darker cause Indians love putting real thick eyeliner or they just love very dark eye makeup. And they have beautiful red lips. Hahah! My hair made it all look better.

Let's move on to Nov 3rd! Heheh! Went to Lucky Plaza for lovelyitemss flea! Got myself a paddlepop pullover and hologram clutch. Won a "KILL" beanie in maroon at the lucky dip!

Alright, I think that's about all!
Let's end with a photo of myself! Heheh!

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