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Sunday, November 3, 2013



Have been dragging to post this! Hahah! So camp was held on the 18-20th of October, wasn't exactly looking forward to this camp but I did have fun, so that's good. >< Let the photos explain alright? Warning; Being the vain girl I am, most photos are just me, so if you are not interested to see my face, don't read this post. DAY 1

Here's me waiting for bag check to start. ><
It's funny how these two photos happened in 3 secs. HAHAHHAH

First roll call after splitting into groups. Even though sir was angry with us and there was a lack of communication. >< Well, we make mistakes, but if we don't repent, that's the real mistake.
This is us after 4hrs of sitting down in the auditorium. We spent the first 2 hours listening to the NKF people talk and explain what is Sit-A-Thon about and explain more about Kidney Failure and Kidney Dialysis all about. Cool ehh! There was also a sharing by a kidney failure patient, forgot his name, lol. The whole purpose of this sit-a-thon was to re-enact what Kidney failure patients go through every dialysis. Four hours of sitting down, doing nothing, waiting for the machine to finishing cleansing the blood. It's kinda scary actually but also interesting. Heheh.. After those two hours, we watch Hotel Rwanda. Dannnnggg, it's an awesome show! Wanna watch again!

Flag lowering after the 4hrs. I wonder who is the pretty commander ><

Everyone was just looking forward to dinner after that 4hrs of sitting in auditorium.

Cheng Ding's kinda fail shots. Heheh, my atrocious hair and oily/sweaty face. OMG

After dinner, we had ice breaker games. Yes, very weird, lemme explain. The camp was held after school, after that we had the four hour sit-a-thon. Therefore, ending very late. Back to point, I was helping Iffah and Alex explain the games. The game was splat btw. Heheh. I didn't know my group was so good with this game. OMG. I should have taken a video. Their reaction so freaking fast.

Afterwards was nightwalk. There wasn't any picture except for this
Looks freaking real right? Omg. But it's fake blood.

Alrightt, that's all for now. Will post Day 2 another. Bye guys! :)

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