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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 20th


Felt like blogging about my day. So here I am. :) Found out that more and more people actually read my blogg..Hahah >< Its not 1am yet and my brain is really quiet now.. I've decided to blog everynight before I sleep via my phone. Cause if I use my comp. My mum gets pretty pissed.. I guess you guys dont really care so, Let's start with my day .

Woke up pretty late today. I already set my alarm, but it rang once and didnt ring again even though I set four alarms. Woke up around 12pm. I woke being really hungry. OHYEAH, I DREAMT OF WEILIANG OMG. But I can't remember much. I only remember he walk in my direction and smiled at me. Hehehe, and it was in slow motion. Too much love dramas hahah. Then I don't know why but he held my hands afterwards. Then the rest I can't remember. Ate plain rice and 2 hotdog for lunch. Was supposed to get some fruits and vegetables from NTUC but I forgot. :X Then watch the remaining episodes of Glee Season 4. Watched the whole season finish already! Then left the house to High Street. I feel like an idiot now. Went all the way to High Street only to realize that the watch was sold out. Wanted to buy the good earpiece but also sold out ): While in the shop looking for more earpiece the extremely cute salesmen recommended me the latest earpiece, he said it was good quality and had mic too. Since it cheap decided to get two. One in red and one in black but there's one in white though. Should have taken a pic of it. Planning to sell it cause it's really good. Usually I prefer earpiece that are comfortable, loud and has good bass quality. Although the bass not very good but it's loud and clear. And also very comfy. There's also a volume control level which I can adjust when some idiots decide to disrupt my music. Soyeah, pretty good deal. The red is really nice too. Planning to sell it for $15 I guess. One thing I learn from this, never reveal the retail price of your stock. Heheh. Back to topic, was supposed to meet a customer but then I couldn't cause the watch was out of stock. That means I need to go back to High Street again next week. Haishhh, hopefully there will be stocks.

Since I was early and had no where else to go, I went to CI straight. Did some Math  revision and met Jack and Derrick for dinner even though I didnt eat. Then attended Disciple Maker session. It was good. I was really shocked that Pastor David actually asked the problem that I was facing (Did I make sense?) He asked if anyone was attending because people wants us to and if we really wanna worship and praise Lord with all our heart. That's exactly me man. I admit that I used to go church because my small group leaders asked me to. It was wrong. Im attending bible study and DiscipleMakers because I wanna make the effort to know better. I keep asking myself so many questions about God and when those questions are not answered, I doubt God. Really stupid huh? So by going to all these lessons, I find my answers. One example is, I used to ask my bro this "Why did God create sin? Why he created evil" I got my answer on Tuesday during bible study. It's our freewill whether we wanna sin or not. We can but we choose not to. God didn't create sin either. I'm happy now. And I hope I will continue being happy for the rest of my life.

Let me digress awhile okay? There's this problem that keeps bugging me. It's my financial problem. I told myself not to buy things online anymore. Its working but the thing is, I still owe a lot of people money. Previous deals that I haven't cleared. And things that I really need. Like pens and schoolbooks. I honestly need polaroid films by this sat cause of Miss Xie's wedding. I wanna remember that moment man. Haishh..  I'm trying to sell those clothes that I dont wear anymore but people these days are so cheapo and bitchy. Just because I refuse to give them further discounts, they cancel the deal. I have to work as a telemarketer again. Starting this Friday. Trying to ask my boss if I can get my pay everyday. Or else I really don't know how am I gonna survive.

Okay back to topic. I believe God has a plan for me. Haishh, lets talk about happier things alright?  I was walking in NTUC alone and this old man stopped me to tell me I'm cute. Most people would say he is a pedo and all but I honestly think he is super cool cause he had the courage to tell me that. I mean which teenage boy will actually do that? He totally made my night. I guess I'm gonna end here? Heheh goodnight lovelies ♥

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