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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12th Month

Hey guys!
I'm just gonna summarise my November. I can't exactly compare my months cause there's good and bad every month. I'm actually blogging on the mrt on the way to Bible Study. Heheh... I think Nov has been fun because I just had the whole month of Holidays duhh. Hahah, time actually passes so fast. It feels as though November started last week, like really. I'm actually upset that it wasn't that productive though. Even though I tried working and all but then didnt work out too good. Quit on the first day cause it was just that bad. Didn't exactly study cause had no mood to. But I did bought a new Math revision book. Pushing myself to start doing it.  Hahaha. Sometimes I wish I had the motivation to actually study/work. Why can't I be born smart? Gahhhh... #painofbeingstupid.

Also spend quite a bit of money during holidays. Mostly on food though. The funny thing is, I have been losing weight. I can literally see my stomach becoming flatter day by day. 

My favorite memory from November is spending the last two days of November on a Forever Alone journey to USS. People be like "Serious?!" "You siao uh?!" "Why sia?" "Why never ask me? I can accompany you" Let me answer those questions. I seriously went alone, yes alone, just me and my bagpack to USS. Yes I'm crazy. Why? Cause I wanna #yolo hahah! But seriously uh. Why I never jio people? Cause people be like "No money uh" "You pay uh" "Where got time?" "dw uh" Now you know why? I was expecting it to be a bad experience though. I was so wrong. It's probably the best thing I ever done. Omg. Its only boring because you got no scream buddy. That's all. Being a loner is fun afterall. I could only play Rapid Adventure and Mummy ride on the first day because Cylon and Human was closed. I played mummy like 20(?) times. Hahah, single rider priority bitches. Hahah, played till the crews could recognise me. Hahah.

On one of the mummy rides, this malay guy totally talked to me. He was super buff and smelled super awesome. (Heheh, I was secretly smelling him the entire ride.) The funny thing was, he actually screamed likea girl. HAHAH!  At the end of the ride, he talked to me. He said "Do you come here a lot?" Me being the shy one, I just nodded my head. And he was like "Hahah, can see." Then he gave me a friendly smile. Heheh. Thats the only guy who approached me though. One of The Cruisers (the singing waiters)  smiled and me though. Hehehe good enough I guess.

On the second day, omg, best day ever. It was very impromptu cause my body was aching here and there and I was kinda tired. But still went anyway. When I reached USS, I chiong Mummy again. Hahah! It was raining though. So there was more people queueing, but once again, single rider priority bitches. When I went in, there was another guy behind me, then he ask me to run because his friend was scared and he wanted to scare them. Hahah, so I ran. But I almost fall down twice. Hahah, he saw and he held my hand. My heart stopped for like 2mins. Cause I glanced at him and he is actually damn cute. Hahah. Omg. Then he scare his friend and his friend was like "Eh, who is that?" in chinese. Hahah... when we were queueing I was eavesdropping his convo with his friend. His friend was like "imagine you sit next to her then she scared till she hold your hand." to him. Then he was like "I alrdy held her hand lorh" hahahah, then his friend was like woahh. Hahah. He then said in chinese "She is Malay, if she Chinese I confirm date her" In my mind I'm like I AM CHINESE. hahahah. Then I didn't see him again.

Then, one of The Cruisers (his name is Kristian Turner, I'm a pro stalker), he held my hands and ask me to dance. Gahhh, I didnt know how to dance so I practically embarrassed myself. That's why I'm planning of taking dance lesson next year omg.  But my favorite memory was meeting a crew, Wan. He is extremely cute and handsome. Omg, I died (Not literally duh) when he talked to me. He complimented me, ohmygosh. Still hear his voice once in awhile in my head. We kept exchanging smiles when we saw each other. Omg. Best day ever. Miss him so much, I wish I had the chance to meet him again. I think I have a crush on him.. ohwell.

Anyways, November has been really good to me, not forgetting my favorite teacher Ms Shelia Xie (now Mrs Wang) got married heheh . I really hope I can make December productive. I have a lot of plans for December and I'm gonna be super busy since I got Youth Camp, NCO camp and Christmas service!  Probably gonna blog about what I wanna achieve for December tonight and hopefully publish it tmrw.

Going to Pulau Ubin to cycle. So one more extra thing to blog about. :) Not forgetting there will be Class BBQ this Sat and small group outing this Sunday ! For now,  I hope my week will turn out good.  :)

Ending my post with my camwhore pic! HEHEH  Byeeee

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