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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Heylo! Here's my promised blogpost of my December wishes/agenda/whatever you wanna call it. I would call it my goal list though. 

I actually wrote down on a piece of paper too. I don't know since when I become so organized. Anyways, first major thing I wanna achieve is to improve on my Math and Science and basically do revision for all my subjects. I really wanna be prepared for N levels (then O levels the following year ) next year.. I only passed my English for my eoy so it was a wake up call. I really thank God that the school allowed me to promote despite the fact that I was supposed to retain and I couldn't even make it to ITE.  So, I really hope to buck up for my studies. I really need that O level cert for Cosmoprof Academy. Really hope I continue to do my Math revision, totally have no motivation to study. Haishhh..

I really hope to slim down as well. I mentioned in my previous post that I have been losing weight but I don't think it's enough. I know a lot people ask me to go excercise and all that. I know. It's not that I don't want to. I really have no time to. I realized the main reason to losing weight/having a flat tummy is to actually eat correctly. More veges and fruits, less oily, salty food. And girls, I really need to correct y'all. The fats doesnt matter that's not the one that make you fat also. Your body need 30% of your body weight of fats. Your body needs 1,800-2,200J of calories in your body everyday. The main source of fats come from carbohydrates (rice, noodles, bread, biscuit). Carbohydrates will turn into glycogen and the excess carbs will turnr into fats. Understood? Omg. Hahah. I cut down on my rice etc and I saw the difference. I may not be eating healthy yet but I try my best to eat more veges and fruits. Not forgetting to cut down on my sweet drinks (which contains high glucose content which also turn into fats once excess glucose is broken down) and drink more plain water. Soyeah, flat tummy, hope to see you soon.

I really really need to start saving money. Life being financially unstable is really tough. You got no money = no life. Cause you're stucked at home with nothing to do except casually munching on snacks and sleeping. Basically the life of a pig. I'm lucky to have some business on my Carousell. At least some sort of income.

Okay this is one is more of a wish list uh, I want a new camera and laptop. I wanna start posting photos more frequently on my blog. My camera is practically shit. I want camera that can take DSLR like pictures. I've been eyeing on Sony Nex F3D.  It has a flip screen (to camwhore). Hahah, Feezy and me wanna make our sec 4 lifes fun by recording every moment of it so yeah, it will come in useful. And the camera quality is good too. Sadly it's damn ex. Around $800-900+. It's a good deal for such a good camera lah. So yeah. I also want the pink laptop I saw at Harvey Norman the other day! $799. Touch screen. So nice.....

Okay, this one is really important. I wanna draw closer to God and maintain the relationship. I don't want to keep falling. I believe the end is very near. I hope to invite more friends to church. One more for Jesus. I always imagine the rapture. Me in heaven looking at Earth. Then looking at my friends suffering. Honestly, that's not the most painf thing. Imagine looking at your own mum suffering. It hurts me everytime I think about it. Soyeah. Grow stronger in Christ.

I also really hope I will be able to change my attitude. Be a better person. Less vulgar, more praises. Less negativity, more positivity. Less dirty thoughts, more better thoughts. I also hope to speak proper English. I hate speaking singlish. I mean its.... not proper. It just sounds weird.

I hope sec 4 will turn out better than I expect. Im expecting lots of stress and just shitty. Hahah. On the brighter side, I'm moving back to my own home next year.  A place where I can really call home. Not forgetting I'm turning 16 next year! Probably throwing a big party. Hahaa. And also prom. I hope to be prom queen, but some other girl probably get it instead of me. Haishhh. So these are the things I'm looking forward in 2014. Hopefully, everything turns out good. That's all for now. Byee (:

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