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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pure Joy

Hey guys!

I'm just in the mood to blog so yeah! It's weird how the blog motivation comes in after 12am, when my day ends. I didn't wanted to blog because I was very sleepy. But I had to wash my hair cause there was a really really strong smell of BBQ Honey Chicken. So no choice go wash hair lorh. If you're wondering why is there BBQ honey chicken smell, it's because I went for class BBQ. The motivation to blog came when I was showering.  Hahahah!

So I had to wake up early today cause we're (YF) sending Mel off to London for her studies. I was a littlw grumpy cause I barely slept 4hrs last night. :/ Was super drowsy from my meds but my brain was being a dick by being super active. So I ended up searching for suppliers and sponsors. Heheh, keyword here is sponsors ;) Anyways, I ended up sleeping at around 3.30am. And woke up at 7+ today. I'm not used to this kind of lifestyle, so yeah. So I got ready really early. I was ready at like 815? Hahah! I liked the way I dressed. But ended up changing. Sorry I can't post any picture om Blogger through my phone (I wish blogger could fix this). But you can go instagram to check out what I wore! Basically I wore a cross batwing top with a really awesome tribal knitted bandage skirt. (Just thought of making a collage and just tag it later, how much smarter can my brain be now.) I just wanted to wear something different. Something casual yet cute/chic/unique. I really loved the outcome. I even threw on my black cat beanie and I looked cute (Not self-praise people. My bro said it) . I decided to change to my studded shorts just in case. Haishh, but it's fine cause I camwhored before changing. Hahah!

Alright, enough about me. I wasn't expecting/planning to cry because there was nothing to be sad about. Hahah, but when I hugged Mel, I just started tearing badly. I could just feel the love. Mel is always the one talking to me, lending me her ears, comforting me and always looking after me. I remember my first time leading worship, with her. I thank God for blessing me with Mel. Pray that God watches over her and she'll do fine!

Afterwards, we went back to CI. Practiced Silent Night for Christmas. I'm so happy I'm singing back up for Christmas. I feel like I'm finally being recognized for my talents. As long as I want to use my talent to serve God. I seriously seriously hope I won't turn out arrogant that Elysa said that there's something unique with my voice. I feel like people think I'm being all arrogant. But the thing is I really love singing. That's how I explain my feelings/thoughts (other than blogging). But yeah. I feel kinda out of place though. I don't want to be shy anymore. I just hope I will be open up my flaws to church people. I'm always trying to conceal my flaws. I don't want that anymore. People will accept me for who I am. But I must remember to not overdo it.

See! I think God is pouring his blessings/love/happiness all over me. I have never felt true happiness in so long. And I'm happy for no reasons at all. I just feel like I'm starting to become really matured(?). I want to tell my mum tmrw that I want to be independent . I don't want her to worry about me anymore. I want her to trust me. But I also want to apologize to her for going out so often this month. I've been going out A LOT this month. It's only the 8th day of December and I already been to Ubin, Nick's house etc. And this week, I'll be going shopping for Christmas and then afterwards is camp. Everything is happening so quickly. Ohmy. Just realized.

I think my post is starting to not make sense cause I'm getting pretty drowsy from my meds!  Ohman. Still have to wake up early tmrw cause I've got small group outing at 0930 then practice at 1230. Don't really feel like going but... nehh, shall excercise. We should really come up with a name for our small group instead of calling it "The Smallest Group". I want a name that will wow people. Like to tell people, even if we're the youngest, God is able to use us. That's like the mission. That age doesn't matter! Heheeh! Will start thinking of a small group name. Hehehe..

I don't know if I'm sleeping anytime soon, cause I feel kind of sleepy and tired now. But my body clock feels like I'm not ready to sleep. Haishh... Hope I fix my body clock before school reopens. I'm currently on my bed blogging. I opened the window wider and I can feel the cool breeze coming in. It's so relaxing and shiok. Enjoying life in the simplest way.

I'll probably start drafting my next post now. It'll be exciting, well, the thought of it excites me, soyeah. Hehehe... Goodbye for now!

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