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Monday, December 9, 2013

Thoughts on rioting

Hi guys!
This is my second time writing this post. Apparently I didn't save the post and my phone shut down cause there was not enough battery. Gahh, so pissed. Hahah, anyways, I will try to recall what I wrote though. I was almost done with my post. Now you know why I'm so pissed? I kinda changed the topic to talk about the riot because I've been reading a lot about it.

Hahah, so basically last night there was a riot in Little India. Yes, riot. I was literally shocked when I heard of it. I kept updating myself about the situation. The riot lasted for like 3 hours? My twitter timeline was just filled with #LittleIndiaRiot $SgRiot and all that. Hahah. Well, these are my personal thoughts of the rioting. Please don't be stupid and try to argue with me. Don't read it if you plan to start a online war with me.

What happen was an Indian national, commonly known as, Bangla, was ran over by the bus. I read the news reports and it said that the men was drunk at the time of the accident. He tried to board the bus even though it was full. He climbed onto the bus, therefore resulting him to fall and ran over by the bus. People started attacking the bus driver. When paradmedics arrive, they pronounced the guy dead. And while the paramedics/SCDF personnel were trying to rescue the guy from under the bus, some banglas started throwing bottles etc at them.

At this point of time, I personally think that the banglas were at fault. Very easy, not because I'm racist or anything. I mean why are the causing hurt to more people? It's pretty stupid and they were obviously being stupid right? Moreover, reports said that they felt like the government were taking them for granted etc (which I kinda understood but not fully support) . They kinda brought in personal hatred, so also their fault.

But don't you think we are all at fault? All the constant racist remarks we link to them, the racist jokes etc. Come on, don't tell me you have never cracked a racist joke. It's our fault for taking them for granted. They built our houses, lrt, mrt etc. Have I ever tell you I saw a bangla men, holding a blind man to cross the road. Do you know how heart warming that is? Also, I witnessed banglas giving up their seat to those who need it more. I don't see Singaporeans do that. Like seriously.

The government is obviously in fault too. They don't notice the number of foreign talent they are hiring. They totally had it coming. This riot was meant to be an eye opener not only for the government but for us too.

It's stupid how some people fully blame the banglas for this. It's just unlucky that they have a violent nature especially when they are drunk. They just had a strong sense of brotherhood and it was all done in a not so sober state. They probably regret their actions now. Can we just forgive them alrdy? I know they caused the death of 5 policemen. But still, we are imperfect, we make mistakes. I know people will say I can forgive because its not my love ones that passed away. The thing is, no one asked for this right? Do you really want to continue to live in hatred and anger?

It's also stupid how some people thinks is Tony Tan's fault. What does it got to do with the president? Do you think it's easy to be president? People are probably not used to Tony Tan's way of running Singapore. Most people definitely prefer SR. Nathan. I personally love SR Nathan too. Heheh. But then, it's extremely illogical to blame Tony Tan right? He didn't ask for this right? I don't really like how Singapore is right now, with the high standards of living etc. But,  haish, too bad lorh riot for the wrong reasons. If there was a riot about Singapore government, I would totally join it.

There's a moral for everyone to learn from this riot. (1) Don't take things for granted (2) Don't just judge from surface. (3) Expect the unexpected (4) Love another, stop the hate  (5) The government has to change.

Alright. Hope I made sense, I'm drowsy from my meds alrdy. Even if I didn't, thanks for reading. I really hope things will start changing soon.

Goodnight people (:
Spread love and peace. Not hate.

RIP to those who died in line of duty. My condolences to their families.

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