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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shoppinggg & short review

Hey guys!
Can't sleep so here am I blogging at 2:19am. Dafag is wrong with me. HAHAH! (If you wanna read the review only, skip the next 5 paragraphs!)

I was supposed to write this post two days back (on Tuesday) when I went shopping. I just realized I do a lot of things alone. I'm too awesome for everyone. Hahah! Anyways! Went to town on Tuesday! Collected my stuff from carousellers too! You can say I bought quite a few things? Been really crazy shopping on Carousell. It's so sad my laptop is not functioning properly. ): I've got a lot fashion inspiration recently. I'm crazy over parkas and harem pants recently. Really versatile for the closet. Too bad that their crazily expensive. Saw this really cute denim parka on Carousell just now (yes, I'm shopping at 1am) but it was $21.90. I want cry sia. It's damn bloody nice but the owner didn't accept trades. When I was at FEP (Far East Plaza) , I found the harem pants, but it was $29.90. Kill me please. I actually wanted to wear Harem pants for this year's Christmas service cause we were dancing. But because I either can't find it online or it was crazily expensive, I decided to change my outfit. Let's keep my Christmas outfit a secret for now ><

Back to topic, I went a little (more than a little ) craycray over gold accessories. I don't know why but I recently love Gold accessories. Paid H&M a visit since I was going by it and most of the items were on sale! Didn't really buy any apparels though. Bought some gold armcandies and I'm loving them to death. HAHAH! Bought the currently trendy knuckle rings. I actually didn't like it when I first saw it online. But after some time of seeing people wear it, it looks pretty cool. So decided to give it a shot. You'll never know if you never try right? Bought a spikes earring for ONLY $2! Original price is $7.90! Hahah! Lastly, bought a chain bracelet that I've been eyeing on for a long time!

Just realized I've changed a bit. I usually don't spend this much money when I go shopping. Haishh, great sacrifices brings great things. Not a very good thing actually. But whatever.

Also paid beadstreet a visit and bought new ear studs , phone casing, earphones and a wide angle lens! Bought the black circle ear studs that broke while playing with my bro. Hahah! Also bought a weed stud (in neon green, super striking!) Sadly, it didn't fit. Thought it would look great on my helix but nehh. Planning to get new piercings though. Bought an invisible casing so I could display my polaroid pictures! Heheh! The earphones and wide angle lens was an unexpected buy because my prev earpiece were kinda new. They're not bad too! Decided to buy the pink earphones cause it was in pink (duh) hahah... okay, not only that lah! Wanted to buy this pair of earphones when my earphones spoil earlier. I saw the same thing at High Street for $11. Beadstreet was selling it at $6. In case you're wondering, it's the replica (I think, cannot be real uh) for the iPhone 5 earphones! Lastly, the wide angle lens. Hahah, bought it at $10! Even though I have fisheye lens, I wanted a new one because there were some defects on my fisheye lens. Soyeah.

That's like all I bought on Tuesday!  Recently, I started trading instead of offering cash deals. I realized it's way better than spending than let my goods rot in the plastic bag (which is tearing from too much items) Hahah! I can't wait to trade everything finish! Then I'll film a haul video for December since I've been doing a lot of shopping! It will be uploaded on my YouTube. Speaking of it, calm your tits people, I'm editing my intro vid. Once it's up, I'll inform y'all! I finished filming and editing my Christmas tag vid alrdy! Soyeah! Heheh..

I saved the best topic for the last. I was very kindly sponsored 4 snapbacks (worth $48) by a very generous instashop, lovelyitemss. Please do check her out. I have very good feedbacks about her! She is like super duper generous! I used to follow her (on instagram) a few years back but had to unfollow her cause I was spending too much on instashops! I found her again in early November this year when Kitty repost her post about her flea. I went to her flea and bought a paddlepop pullover (which I had to sell away cause of some financial difficulties early this month) and a holographic clutch. I got a free "kill" beanie in Maroon from her lucky dip. If you're wondering what is the lucky dip, when you spend $20 and above at her flea, you get a chance to win something. So it's like a lucky draw just that you will definitely get something! Notice how I constantly used the word generous?  Well, she puts like the most awesome things in her lucky dip! She put the fluffy unicorn from despicable me in her lucky dips! Not 1 you know, there was 8 of them. Yes , EIGHT.

I always read her feedbacks from her customers and realized she always throw in a lot of free items. How rare uh! Sellers nowadays are damn cheapo, no offence, but seriously. It's rare to see someone be so generous to strangers. God bless people like her! I'll be going to her upcoming Christmas flea to support her!

The flea is held on 21st and 22nd December at *scape #02-27 - #02-18B/C! Do go down and support her! Also, follow her on instagram @lovelyitemss . Just in case you're wondering, she will be selling holographic clutch, snapbacks, MALE (yes, you seen the correct word ) apparels, pullovers, craftaholic plushies and many more items! (:

I'm so blessed to meet a lovely sponsor like her. Hope to continue to work with her! Ps; I'm not paid to advertise for her. Did it out of free will!

That's all I have for now. It's 3:17am alrdy. Blogging took me an hour! Hahah! Alright. Goodnight and goodbye. ♡♥

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