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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hey guys!

On the way to CI for Christmas service rehearsal now. At Woodlands station alrdy. So probably will drag this post till tmrw. Hahah! Friday 13th turned out better than expected. It was Saturday 14th that was my bad day. Lost my wallet with my IC, Ez Link card and bank card in it. ):

Then lost my mood to do anything afterwards. Not because I lost my wallet though. I don't know why. Just had no mood to do anything. Just felt like crying. Was having really bad headache too. I just hate that feeling. But the good thing is I get to observe stuff. Hahah.

Went to Breko's Cafe at Holland Village with mum on Thursday night. Had Ribeye Pasta and Hawaiian Chicken. First time trying Hawaiian Chicken and it was AWESOME. Omg. Hahaha! Wanna go there again to try the Godzilla burger. Oh, and the hot guy that served me was there ! Found out his name. His name is Derrick. Hahah! He's so cute.

Been feeling really unwell this two days. Constantly feeling very sleepy, lightheaded, having headaches (again). Hope I'm fine. Camp is in 2 days, and I don't know whether am I excited or not. There's so many things that I haven't done. I haven't start making presents. I'm super busy today and tmrw. Haish. There's a NPCC NCO BBQ later. Don't know if I should go. I don't know what time practice ends. After practice ends, I have to go buy the things I need for camp and presents, after that BBQ. Will be meeting Ash for lunch tmrw. Afterwards have to chiong home make presents amd pack for camp. Gahhh.. stress sia. Havent buy school books for next year also.

Hahah, reaching CI alrdy. Corncorn gonna teach me circle properties. Alright. That's all for now I guess. Seeya.. (:

Remember; embrace your flaws ♡

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