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Monday, May 12, 2014

Inspiration & Dreams

Before I actually start blogging. Here's a mini update!

So, today is Mother's Day. Spent my morning/afternoon with my mum and godsis at this really gorgeous restaurant. Somehow it was vegetarian but it had meat. I am a Food & Nutrition student but I know that there is no type of vegetarian that eat meat. Back to the restaurant. It had really nice designs. Very vintage and plays oldies.

It has all these really cool vintage-y coke posters and a painting (I think) of the golden gate bridge. Sorry my phone camera quality a little shitty cause of my waterproof casing. Anyways, after lunch, we went to Bugis to shop a bit. Bought the specs that I have been finding for a long time at TEN FREAKING BUCKS!

Sorry I had to look as though my head was dropping. The glasses are pretty reflective. But I've been wearing it since I got home. Yes, I wear it at home. HAHAH!

Okay... I think that's all for my update. Shall move on to the proper topic!

As it is my last year in secondary school, which mean I will move on for my tertiary education, a lot people has been asking me if I wanted to attend Poly or JC. Although now I have the intention of going to poly to take up Mass Communication, I tell people I'm going to take private diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry. It's pretty depressing and upsetting seeing people's disapproval. Only like 10% supported me of the idea because it is my dream. People just don't understand why I want to take up make up. The society has brainwashed everyone the idea of makeup. Like seriously. People just don't understand how important make up is to me. I probably blogged about this some time back but I'm gonna say it again.

Makeup changed my life.

I wonder how people think I was in primary school. As funny as it sounds, I used to be a bully+ tomboy+ fatfuck. I'm still embarrassed at what I wore for graduation night, And I actually thought I looked fuckin' awesome.

Someone give me an award for being the ugliest person with the worse fashion taste ever existed. Ohgosh. Who the fuck wear stockings with flats?! me. :'D Look at that fuckin' hat. Look like a fuckin' hobo. What the fuck was I thinking. Ohmygosh. HAHAHAHA. I sure have a good laugh.

I wish I could find my double chin photo and show y'all. Yeap, I HAD a double chin. WTF. HAHAHA. Anyways, yeah. I was a tomboy and I bully guys. Now it's the opposite. I started hanging out with more girly girls towards the end of P6. So, they influenced me to be more girly. Including the fact that I've been mistaken as a maid. </3 Like seriously. My mum suggested I wear skirts and accessories to make myself "cuter". I heed her advice. I started shopping for accessories, skirts and tried wearing pink. Can you believe it, I actually hated pink. Anyways, I wanted to try makeup. So I randomly search for makeup tutorials. I came across Michelle Phan. At that time, she was still a newbie to YouTube. I literally watched Michelle grew in her YouTube career. So proud of her. Back to the topic. I tried makeup even though I pretty much suck very badly. HAHAH. I started taking care of my skin, bathing properly (Yes, I didn't bathe properly last time and I don't even wash my face in the past). I also started learning how to dress up. So it was a pretty huge transition from P6 (12 years old) to Sec 1 (13 years old). I literally transformed from a guy to a girl, as funny as that sounds.

Makeup thought me a lot of important lessons. Makeup doesn't make you prettier, it just enhance your beauty. I really want to be a makeup artist because I want to constantly remind people that makeup doesn't make them any prettier. I want people to embrace their flaws. That was my tagline last year December. I stopped that movement because I myself was feelin' super insecure, I'm actually still insecure now. I'll start the movement again. I mean if I want to help others, I have to be strong right? Soyeahhh, really hope I get my shit together soon. Anyways, I kinda explained why I wanna take up makeup. I don't know if I made sense. But it did in my head. It's just my dream to be a professional makeup Michelle Phan. I still remember the time she came to Singapore for meet and greet. So sad I was at the back. Couldn't see her (screw the fact that I'm short, but short is cute, ohwell.)

It's my dream to inspire people when I grow up. I want to help people. I actually want to join Ministry Of Empowerment when I grow up. If you do not know what that is, go search it up on Google. ;)

Alright, I guess that's all for this post.

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