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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Update + Fir's (fail) surprise party

Left this space quite empty for a while now. I'm pretty much in a mess once again... Actually, I'm always a mess, just that, I'm worse these days.

My emotions are pretty much screwed. I really really don't know who I have feelings for right now. Not to sound like a fucking slut. Pardon me okay! I'm 15 (gonna be 16 soon!), what do you expect from me?! Okay, maybe some maturity but yea. I still love A. But we kinda drifted. And I get the feeling sometimes that I should move on. I might have feelings for C. But it's more of an eyecandy rather than a crush. Their both good guys but I honestly would prefer A more than C. But it's impossible between me and A. Soyeahh. I really don't know. 50% of me wants to stay single till then end of N levels. But the other 50% of me wants a boyfriend cause I really just want someone to tell me they love me everyday, someone I can trust, someone there for me, someone I can call mine. Just someone. But I don't think that'll be anytime soon either.

Alright, moving on. Ytd was Friday 13th! And surprisingly, it was a good day! Woke up early to collect the cupcakes from Christine and continued sleeping like a pig till noon then went out. Loved my OOTD for ytd. Some said I look like a Harajaku girl, hahah!

Beanie - Carousell
Hello Kitty Top- Carousell
Black Skater Skirt- Bugis
(Sorry for the lousy picture)

Then I started using Omegle for the first time yesterday. And for the first time ytd, I on webcam. I used to go on to Chat Roulette for fun. Anyways, met some pretty decent people surprisingly. Saw a few dicks (literally) but it was quite less. Met this girl who thought I was fake. Like literally, she asked if I was fake! HAHAH! I asked if I look fake. Her reply shocked me.

 HAHAH! Sorry for the weird angle though. She wasn't the only one. I met another group of girls who kept praising me. I was literally smiling the entire time. Too shy. Hahah! So I guess I'm tumblr girl now eh? Hahah just kiddin', too ugly to be tumblr girl. But yeah, this made my day. I had a "The Fault In Our Stars" moment with another person too.

"maybe 'okay' can be our 'always'
Hahah, then I met this really cute guy who really just melts my heart till now. I'm just gonna name him J cause I don't wanna reveal his real name.He's really cute. Heheh! And he keeps telling me how cute/gorgeous I am. And he's really really really very sweet! We're still in touch via kik. I'm in touch with another guy from Omegle too! He's decent too, no worries. Alright, enough with omegle.

I had to get off Omegle and prepare for Fir's surprise party. HAHAH! IT WAS SUPER FAIL BUT ENJOYABLE. Christine and Asylah was supposed to reach before Fir but Fir reached first. Hahah.

Birthday girl with her (cup) cake ft. my hands & Asylah the photobomber
I don't have much photos cause my phone died halfway. HAHAH! Let the photos do the talking okay?

Throwing confetti on the birthday girl

Spraying confetti strings at the poor birthday girl.

Was trying to push Eka down, hahah!
Group photo!

My eyes look so fake here.

Dear Fir, you've been a good friend to me. Not just good, one of the best. You're there for me most of the time, through ups and down. You've given me so much good advices and always instilling positive thought into me. You always cheer me up too. I can never ask for more. If I have ever made you sad or angry, forgive me. Continue to stay strong okay? Things will get better for both of us. Continue to be pretty too! Work hard for your N levels and we'll graduate together okay? Hope you enjoyed yourself at this super fail party and look forward to your present ;) . I really hope you love it. Everyone loves you, especially me. :* Love ya bae.
 Alright. That's all for now. New exciting announcements coming up the next post. :)

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