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Friday, July 25, 2014

I finally found some time to blog but it won't be long cause I'm supposed to be sleeping right now.

Have been extremely worn out recently. Skipped all the remedials this week so I could go home and sleep. Just wanted to update a little about my week. We celebrated Racial Harmony Day on Monday and I decide to wear two different costumes. I actually made the effort to bring an extra costume. I'm too sporty when it comes to dressing up. I wore a qipao in the morning and changed to my Indian costume after recess. Yeap, I was living up to my race; Chindian. I honestly couldn't decide which to wear, that's why I chose to bring two different costume. I'll probably write about RHD in separatete post. Ending school early on Tuesday due to O level Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension, was supposed to end at 12pm. But I had TOP and had to stay till 245pm. Caught "Dawn of the planets of the apes" with MingHong and few others. (PS; there's nothing going on with me and him, so calm your tits down, I have feelings for someone else). Wednesday was pretty boring cause it was extra hot and I was super duper sleepy and of course, I skipped Math remedial to go home and sleep. Didn't wanted to go school on Thursday, but ended up attending school and there was only like 23 people present. Shouldn't have attended. And once again, skipped remedial to come home and sleep.

I really have no idea why I'm so tired these few days. I've been sleeping before 1am (Today's exceptional, did some revision. Yes, I did revision) lately and I still feel sleepy as fuck. It's hard to focus when 1. You're fucking sleepy/tired 2. It's so fucking hot 3. You're hungry as fuck. I'm trying to control my diet though. Been losing weight, so I'm trying to maintain. I have to reach 50kg before July ends. And I'll be working my way to be 45kg by August and maintain that weight all the way. Figure wise, my stomach has been firmer but still protruding. Recently interested in getting biceps, which is probably a bad idea, but whatever. Have been playing badminton lately, so my biceps have been working hard, only on my right hand though, which is pretty funny when you think about it. I'll probably continue playing badminton and train my right hand. Considering to buy those water dumbells that I keep seeing in Daiso to train my left hand.

Time flies pretty fast if you actually think about it. It feels like July just started a week ago and it's gonna be August next week. I'm kinda on the fence about how I feel about August. I'm just excited to get my allowance cause I wanna shop so badly. But then, there's Prelim in August and I'm so fucked for it, especially my Math and Chemistry. I'm pretty much okay with the rest. Really hope I'll be able to pull through this period. I just wanna get over and done with my studies and don't have to worry about it until my results. I really don't want to go to sec 5, but I won't be able to qualify for DPP or PFP. I don't exactly want to go ITE (Higher Nitec) not because it's ITE but because I would have to study for an extra year in Poly which is very annoying to just think about. I don't know, I just hope things will turn out good for me. Hopefully. Or else I don't know what to do with my life. Fuck.

Alright, I should probably head to bed right now cause I'm gonna regret staying up so late. That's all for now people. Love ya.

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