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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I don't exactly know what to type. Well, I wanted to talk about my birthday surprise but I can't transfer the photos to my tab yet because of the super lousy cable.

A lot of things have been in my mind lately. A lot of things has happened as well. I don't really know if I wanna talk about it. Sometimes, I still wonder, why the heck do I exist. It's been a really common thing for me to feel very useless nowadays. I think too much, I hope too much and lastly, I falter too much.

Haven't been attending school much lately (as usual) because of World Cup (Honestly, it's just an excuse). Hahah! Never been so honest in my life. But really, school really drains everything from me. Drains my money, energy, brain cells. I really hate how the school expects us to buy so much things and especially when their so expensive. My Chinese textbook and workbook cost me $7.80. Like what the hell. It was worse in lower secondary where we had triple science and we had to buy all three textbook and it was $30+ altogether. Mama hasn't paying my school fee lately either. Sometimes, I wish that mama owed so much money that I get suspended from school, but that's never happening so yeah. I get so tired whenever I end school. Nowadays, I tend to go home straight after school because I'm just that tired and mama is at home to cook as she is on hospitalization leave. But once I reach home, I really just lie on the bed and sleep. Like today. Hahah! I ended school at 4.30pm (It's really one of the earliest timings) and I went home straight after school. I fell asleep at like 6.30pm and only woke up at 11pm. I just showered like half an hour ago because I ate my dinner when I woke up and I'm not the kind of person who showers right after dinner (Scientifically proven that it will affect your digestive system and cause you to gain weight). 

Speaking about world cup just now, I'm so glad that Germany won this year! I admit honestly that I don't usually watch soccer, I only play. But after the world cup period, I learnt much more about soccer. I honestly didn't know anything about offside and how to get a penalty and all. I just play as keeper and whatever will be will be. Back to point, I started supporting Germany because Fir supported Germany. But after seeing them play, I understand why, I've never seen so much teamwork in a soccer team. I usually see people depending on someone, or someone playing solo or just lack of teamwork/communication throughout the game. Ash supported Brazil (because of Neymar) and I watched how they play. They depend too much o Neymar, really. That's why they got thrashed when Neymar was hospitalized and Thiago was suspended. But I fell in love with Oscar. Hahahah! Just Oscar! Overall, I preferred Germany because of their team spirit and defence and THEIR GOALKEEPER. Their goalkeeper is so awesome OMG. I wished I was as tall as him. I'm just kidding, it would be so weird to be 189cm. I wanna be 165cm but that's obviously not happening. Romero is good too but since I'm supporting Germany, I prefer Manuel Neuer. I really want to buy Germany's away kit and goalkeeper kit now. But it's expensive as fuck. So yeahhh...

Anyways, just something that has been on my mind recently. I've been considering to start a YouTube channel and a fashion blog. I actually got the fashion blog started but I haven't decided on how I want it to be. And I doubt I'd do it anytime soon since prelims are next month. I officially have less than a month. Kill me please. But even if I started a YouTube channel, I wouldn't know what to do, and I'll be camera shy, as funny as that sounds. I really hope someone would give me suggestion. I don't think I'll do makeup tutorial though. I'm so bad at it. Gahhhhh.

Alright, I think that's about all I wanna talk about for now. Hopefully I'll be able to post my birthday post ASAP. :)

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