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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Perhentian Day 1

This is a long awaited post. I wrote this post while I was stuck with no wi-fi in Perhentian. Soyeahhh, here you go :)

The day started out fine. Waking up on time, ready to leave on time and all. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this getaway even though it looked amazing and it’s probably what I needed. So many things have actually happened in the past few days. One of them was meeting Justin. I was texting him the whole morning before we left for Kota Bahru. It was my first time wearing something that I always wanted to wear but always hesitated because of my insecurities, my tummy fats. I worked hard for 2 months to exercise and diet properly to lose some weight. Most of them paid off. I actually couldn’t bear to leave SG. I wanted to talk to Justin. Well, at least he’s the first cute guy who actually showed interest in me. Hahah! I also didn’t exactly wanna go on this vacation cause I’m going with my mum. Sorry mummy. It’s just that, 2 person is really boring. Especially when both are girls, no offence. I mean it would be so much better if we went in bigger groups or at least have guys coming along since boys are always doing all sorts of crazy thing right? Anyways, the plane took off at 9.15am and the view was spectacular. Simply breath-taking. I haven’t been so much onto my faith, but God’s creation is truly beautiful. Once we landed in Kelantan/Kota Bahru. We had a one hour drive to the jetty. I was camwhoring in the backseat and eventually fell asleep cause I had like 3-4 hours of sleep the night before, yeah, I was texting Justin and Jonas haha! When we reached the jetty area, we had a drink cause it was scorching hot and we were super thirsty. I thought I was taking a jetty, but no, we were taking a speedboat. It’s my first time on one. The speed boat left at 12.30pm . The speed boat ride was nuts. Me being afraid of deep waters, I was clinging on tightly onto the rails beside me. It was like a rollercoaster ride without seatbelts and safety equipments. Extremely scary. HAHAH! The ride took another 1 – 1 ½ hours. So the entire journey from Singapore to Pulau Perhentian was 3 hours. When we reached, the first thing we did was head to the room and sleep! Slept till 4pm and we really didn’t know what to do. Me and my mum was basically doing nothing inside the room. There was no wifi. Nothing fun really. So we decided to walk around and explore a bit. Went to the lobby and had some finger food. The food tasted weird though, not to my liking. Then we registered ourselves for snorkelling tmrw morning. I’m on the fence about my feelings, cause one part of me is like super afraid to jump in the middle of the ocean and the other side of me wants to be adventurous and do something fun. When we head back to the room, we decided to go for a swim. We waited till most people cleared from the swimming pool. Hahah, cause I was gonna wear a monokini and I’m embarrassed. Like I said, I’m really insecure. I’m still fat and my tummy is still sticking out of my pants which is really annoying and frustrating. So it was around 6pm when we finally decided to go down and swim. I actually looked good in the monokini though :P *whoops* And this is the part where my day gets ruin entirely. I lent my waterproof casing to someone whose name I don’t wanna mention cause I’m too pissed. That irresponsible dickhead spoilt my waterproof casing and he didn’t even tell me. I brought my phone down into the water thinking that everything will work like how it was before and guess what. MY PHONE WAS FLOODING. I got the shock of my life man. It switched off by itself and it refuses to turn on. I’m super depressed right now. I really wish I had rice right now, at least I can take out the water. I’m super duper depressed. How the fuck am I gonna talk to Justin and Jonas? I don’t even have a spare phone. Now I must go and repair my phone just for that. And the pictures I took are most probably gone. SO FUCKING PISSED. I’m missing Justin like crap right now L I really wish there was internet access right here. In case you’re wondering, there is internet access just that the stupid wifi decided to break down this week. Such luck. My day is literally going from good to bad. The best thing that happened all day was actually talking to Justin before I left. He has never been sweeter than today.


“I love you, remember that.”


How can you not fall head over heels over guys like this? Just in case you’re wondering, we’re not exactly together, not even dating. Actually, I don’t know. I think we’re dating though. Have to ask him again when I get to skype with him. Ohyeah! Forgot to mention that I skyped with him just before boarding the plane. Cutest+sweetest guy award goes to him. Words can’t express how much I miss him right now. Really wish I was with him here instead. The place here is beautiful. Was taking a stroll down the beach after dinner, all I could think of was him. Alright, I kinda digressed a bit. Back in the room after dinner, watched hunger games on my tablet and didn’t realize my mum fell asleep already. So I’m left alone again. Extremely bored right now cause firstly, my phone is not working and I can’t do any shit. Secondly, there’s no wifi. Thirdly, there’s literally nothing to do. The only thing I’m looking forward to is snorkelling and then going back home so I can fix my phone and talk to Justin (and Jonas) again. I can still text my friends and all cause I have a spare Nokia phone but the thing is the phone might not be able to download kik. Let me talk a lil bit more cause I’m super bored and not sleepy yet. Writing this post without wifi. Goshhh, if there was wifi, I could be skyping with him right now.


I’m satisfied with how my body is now, not super satisfied, but still satisfied. I actually managed to fit into shorts with were once way to small for me. The one I’m wearing now actually used to be one of the smallest. I couldn’t even button or zip it. I can now wear it with ease. I used to buy L sized shorts and they would fit me just fine. The one I bought recently was super huge. It’s like 2 size bigger now. Okay, I over exaggerated. But I still wish I could cut down to a nice 13” across waist. I’m currently a 14” across. I’m probably closer to a 13.5” now but I know I’m not there yet. Really wish to get to a 13” across waist before N levels. Have to start chionging studies + exercising after holidays. Haven’t done a single revision for the June Holidays. Time passes too fast. In a blink of an eye, I’ll be sitting for my N levels soon. Have to really buck up on my Math and Science.  It’s coming to the end of June Holidays too. Just a week more left. I’ll be back in SG on Monday. Mum’s going for surgery on Tuesday. DITD on Wednesday. I’m left with Thursday and Friday to complete my work cause I have TOP outing on Saturday and Sunday is my rest day. Sunday is Sabbath day and you don’t work on Sabbath day okay! Then will be starting school on Monday again. L And on the same week, I’ll be turning 16. Really hope to get a birthday surprise. My birthday has been boring for the past two year. Hope to receive money as birthday present! Hahah, I’m a money face. I know. Anyways, I should be sleeping soon. Have to wake up at 7am for breakfast then snorkelling at 9.30am! Will “blog” about it tmrw night. Really hoping to get some wifi soon. I’m dying.


“I love you, remember that.”

“I love you too Justin.”

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