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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mistakes & Regrets

Regrets, we make plenty of them. But how many regrets can we actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. 

I just made one of life's biggest regret, and I'm hoping for the best out of it. I really really hope everything will turn out fine. I'm not comfortable sharing online, so please do not ask or assume stuff. 

Feeling very moodless over this matter, just thinking about it the entire day. Chemistry and Physics paper tmrw and here I am just lying on my bed as though I'm having my holidays. I'm so screwed already. Prelims already and I'm not doing well. I'm so fucked for N levels. I'm probably gonna fail N levels and go to ITE, and ITE may not even want me. Fuck.

I know instead of complaining here, I should be studying. But seriously, what'a the point if my concentration is not there. I know I'm gonna get screwed because of Chemistry and I have confidence for Physics. But still. Haishhhh. I don't even know who can I possibly talk to. It's just so tough now. I just hope this period just pass soon. I just want to start working and earning my own money so I don't have to worry about being a burden to my mom. 

Goshh. I could complain and cry for the next few hours but I'm not gonna do that.

Guess I'll try to study. Try. 

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