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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Updates here and there

Lil update since I'm pretty bored and can't sleep just yet.

Firstly, got my prelims result back. If I were to be honest, I would say that I didn't study much for prelim. I did study, but not much effort was put in. However, I tried my best. So yeah. And surprisingly, I passed/improved majority of my subjects. Such a pity that I actually deproved for Combined Humanities.

Top: Mid Years (Look at the first combined MARK not percentile)
Bottom: Prelims (Look at the MARK not percentile)
As you can see, I improved for English. It's another downer that I was 2 marks away from getting a B4 instead of a C5. I very pissed that I actually failed Chinese by 1 mark and my teacher refused to give me the mark. Screw you Doris Chong. I improved my Math but still failed anyway. But seriously. I don't know why I got 16 when I got 23 in my paper. WTF. SURPRISINGLY, I passed my Combined Science even without taking my Chemistry paper. I'm not proud of that, just surprised.
Deproved badly for my Combine Humanities. But I can explain, I studied for it, no kidding, but I was extremely tired for that paper and I didn't even know why. I swear I attempted the question despite being so dizzy from being sleepy. One thing I detest about feeling sleepy during exam is that I actually get dizzy and eventually feel like puking. So yeah. It's like I want to concentrate but I just can't. Such a downer that I deproved for F&N even though it's my best subject. Arghhhh.

N levels are approaching in 8 days time and I swear I'm not ready. First paper is Social Studies then English and Chinese. Then there will be a short break before I resume exams on the 7th of October which is exactly a month time from now. And it's the Physics and Chemistry paper. Gahhhh. Have to chiong and get as much help from 18 Sept to 6 October for Chemistry and Math. Need to pass these 2 subjects. I just can't wait for the end of N levels and just move on to Sec 5 where I will be taking my O levels. AHHH.

Anyways, enough of exam talk, let's move on to the more relaxing topics.

I'm already excited for prom that I actually shopped for like prom stuff. Although I haven't bought anything yet. Just looking around. It's funny how I casually suggested to my friends that I would wanna go as Elsa from Frozen for prom and I actually found an Elsa inspired dress the following day. But it'll cost me $150. I'm still considering cause I don't know if I wanna spend a dress that I'll probably only wear once and never again till I grow up and attend for formal events. Another thing that is stopping me is my mom's financial condition. GAHHHHH. WHY CAN'T I BE RICH OR AT LEAST FINANCIALLY STABLE FOR ONCE. It'd sure as hell would be fun/awesome to know that I can shop without worrying about having no money for food or transportation.

Went Ice Skating with Corn and YunFan yesterday. We took the 9.45pm-11.45pm slot which was like retro/disco night. They weren't playing nice music, downer. But it's kinda fun cause there are lesser people which means more space to skate. However, there were a lot of professionals there and it was kinda awkward to be there. Like a loser in the rink. Didn't fall yay. Upholding the title for not falling down. I swear Yun Fan is a natural at Ice Skating. Skating backwards at first try and it's only his 4/5th time yesterday and he was doing all the weird tricks and stuff like that.
Anyways, let the photo do the talking.

Before entering the rink

Can you see that awkwardness between us. Idk why tho. hahah

"Wait, must see my chest" Quote from Corn

Typical mirror OOTD shot. Ft. my kicks hahah
After skating~ Corn's face tho

Was in the mood for a lot of selfie. But I'll only post 2 so you guys don't die from seeing my ugly face.
 Oops, forgot to mention that we celebrated Teacher's day on Thursday! I think this year's one is the best performance ever. Idk why tho. Probably cause it's my last year and everything seem so memorable. Picture time!

Hacked Mr Hidayat's phone HAHAHA

I love this picture so much, cause most of our eyes are closed from the sun! HAHAH

Good camera + Good lighting = Awesome Selfies

Best Teacher Ever. I swear. But we look so weird here. Ohwell.
Too bad I didn't get a photo with Mr Nasrey too. Both the coolest teacher ever.


Anyways, that's all for now. My phone's being a dick to me cause I accidentally dropped it in class and now it's being weird. I suspect the sensitivity is affected. Haishh... Hoping for iPhone 6 to come out asap so I can change it for FREEEEE~ Hahaha. Alright. Goodnight. It's 1.53am and I didn't even know.

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