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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Decided to blog cause I've spent the entire day at home while my knee recovers. Fell on Friday and scraped both my knees. But I swear the fall was worth tho. I penny-ed down Marina Barrage despite knowing the tiles were pretty uneven. But it was fucking awesome I swear. Would totally do it again.

Had a lot of up and down this week. More ups than downs tho. Spent time with him on Thursday night and it was truly amazing. That's probably my first ever date. (Yes, I did have boyfriends in the past but we didn't actually went out. We spent most of the time at the staircase arguing for my prev ex). If that's what dating is like, I wanna go on more dates please. Next date (hopefully) at the beach with him. <3 But first, lose some weight. He's my motivation. Always encouraging me to go jogging, exercise and eat healthily. Although we're just dating, it's really nice to see someone caring for you. We may not text/meet a lot (which I kinda hate, but have to get used to) too but I guess it's fine with me cause after all, we're just dating. I like the fact that I'm finally dating someone more mature than me. HAHAHAHA!

Because of him, I'm currently into pennyboarding and staying fit. Photography too. I liked photography for a long time just that I never really bothered much. He lend me his camera so I can take better quality photos, which I'm thankful for. Planning to go pennyboarding and jogging more often when my knees recover ( Yeah, the injuries are pretty bad.) .

Okays, I don't want the entire post to be about him and I'm gonna keep him anonymous.

Went to Marina Barrage on Friday with small group. Haven't seen them in like 1 month? Not like I actually feel guilty not going to church, but yeah. Caught up with Jack and Derrick over dinner at Lau Pa Sat. Everything at church seems to be changing, I don't intend on returning so soon tho. I mean it's not like I feel accepted there anyway.

I really wanna go pennyboarding now and hopefully learn some tricks. Don't worry I won't forget about soccer. Just that I wanna get my stamina going again. Can't run that much ever since I started smoking again. Just cannot wait for my pay before I can buy my A7X tickets and a new + authentic Pennyboard. Thinking of getting the instax printer too. Just hope I'll have enough left to save. Only plan to spend half of it tho. Only 6 days since I got my allowance and I already have no money. WTF. FUCK YOU SMRT. Why the fuck is traveling in sg so expensive. Spent $30 on my transportation already. And I never even cab.

It's so boring right now. Just chillin' in my lepak corner and listening to songs. Reminds me, need to get new carpet for my room. ARGHHH I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM. I should slow down man. I feel bad cause I expect some things from him (I don't meant things literally, I meant like actions ah) but he doesn't expect anything from me. So I should really stop expecting anything from him. It kinda hurts cause he told me we might never work out cause I care about what others think. I mean I don't really care about our age gap or anything. If I wanna be with you, I'm going to be with you. Just hope I get a better reassurance next time. Cause it feels like he's getting tired/bored of me. I really hope not cause I really really like him. But whatever it may be, I'll respect his decisions and just go with the flow. Might be hard if things take a turn for the worse, but that's life. I just really hope things don't go that way.

Ps/Random fact: I'm sniffing his hoodie now cause his perfume smell is there. Hehe

Okay, I said I didn't want the post to be about him, it ended up to be about him at last, ohwell.

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