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Monday, January 5, 2015


New year, new beginning. 

For once, that sentence actually made sense to me. On New Year's Eve, my day was getting from bad to worse. ITE screw up my interview timing, nowhere to go at all, mum came home and scolded me for no reason. I just wanted to leave the house so badly. I started crying cause I was really depressed. Things changed for the better when I received a text from him. He wanted to meet me. I literally got everything done and left the house early. Met him at Outram Park. The night was literally magical despite some arguments in between. But I was just glad that I got to spend my New Year with him. Then we met the next day cause he was skating at SP and I happened to be in that area so I watched him skate. It was nice. Fast forward to yesterday, we went to watch the sunset at Chinatown and had dinner after work. Things have been getting better since the day before New Year's eve. Even though we argue sometimes, we know each other more and have more happy moments. 

The bus ride home yesterday was awesome. I fell asleep on his shoulde, I thought he would sleep but he stood still awake the entire time. But he's an asshole cause he wanted to take pictures of me sleeping. Hahah, so unglam. Good times, good times. 

Although things at home are not going too well since my mum and bro quarreled. I would prefer things to be this way cause I don't have a problem with my mum and bro and it doesn't affect me that they are both quarreling. I rather have a good, stable and happy relationship with my mum, bro and him than have a sad unhealthy relationship with everyone around me. 

Finally got my interview for ITE over and done with. I'm quite surprised that I was accepted immediately. I kinda regret not keeping up with my attendance cause that almost got me rejected. Well, it's time to start behaving in ITE. I have to work hard man. I really want scholarship right now. Hopefully I study really hard for everything and get best student. Cause I've had enough of being the last/worse few. Those days are gone. It's time to pull my socks real high up cause I'm gonna work so damn hard for this. I'm kinda excited to start school. But on the other hand, my anxiety is kicking in. Like how will my classmate be like? Will they be fun? Are they assholes? I hope not. One part of me hopes that I'll be the more outstanding one but the other part doesn't want it to be that way. I can alrdy assure you that I will be the teacher's pet because the teacher that interviewed me is going to be my form teacher and she already told me she liked me and she wants me in her class. That's good, I hope. 

I'm really really excited to start school now! Omg. Hahah. This is so weird. I've never even been so excited to be in a new place before. 

Alright, that's all for now. On my way to Amped@Katong with the bae. Yay to trampoline park! Virgin trip there. Will blog about it soon i guess. 

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