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Monday, August 17, 2015

Eight Months In.

In a blink of an eye, I'm halfway through August already. It's really scary how fast the world is turning. I started August with my grandfather's 8th year death anniversary followed by my grandmother's birthday lunch. Went home to take a short nap before heading to church for my brother's baptism.

That dickhead is turning 21 in 10 days and guess what? He's more childish than me. Childish motherfucker. Anyway, I'm happy that he's happy the way he is right now. Just that he have to realize things don't always go his way. There's a birthday party for him this Sunday and I guess I'm looking forward to it cause there's cake HAHAHAHA I'M SUCH A DICK.

August is filled with so much activities, but I really want it to end soon. Went Jalan Raya with my ITE mates which also makes it the first time I actually went for Jalan Raya. I also went for NUSSU Rag and Flag day which was my first time too and I only got the tickets cause Christina Grimmie was performing. Sam Willows and Gentle Bones performed as well and I have to admit, I just might start supporting local talent cause they are good. If you think about it, the fans of Gentle Bones will be called Boners or Gentle Boners HAHAHAH (some stupid joke me and Hadi came up with). Oh and I also started working at Timberland again just that I'm at Bugis Plus right now. Work has been really slack cause the main audience there are teenagers and broke ass teenagers like me can't afford Timberland (even though I just bought a new pair of Timberland and buying another one soon). Side note; Pay is coming in this Friday and I'm truly anticipating it cause I've been broke for way too long.

I've also been spending more time with my baby brother. I really pity him a lot. He's 2 and he can't speak at all. I've been teaching him basic ABC and constantly talking to him. I wish he was staying with me instead. And when I'm with him means I'm with my father too and that means I get money. That's how I've been surviving.

Had so much fun last Sunday drinking at Clarke Quay with Darryl and my mum. First experience clubbing HAHAHAHHA. Drank so little but it's okay, the night was awesome, especially dancing for the first time. Back to school after so long and I still will say I want to quit school and I hate school.

Celebrated Darryl's birthday at Genki and it was pretty fun. Tried to sneak into some bars again but the bouncer wouldn't let us in, twats. Can't wait to be 18.

Went shopping today and it was pretty boring cause I didn't get much. Only got myself a jacket after so long. Next on my list is probably my A7X hoodie cause I really want one right now. Planning to get a forward helix pierced as well as my naval. I really want a Sphynx cat but there are no breeders in Singapore. Twats. Oh and I went to Kumar's stand up comedy and it was AWESOME.

Recently met Princeton after so long and boy do I miss that asshole. Still confused by a lot of things but I'm just taking things slow and steady. No rash actions and no rushing. I should probably go sleep soon cause it's 1.41am right now and class starts at 8am. Which means I have less than 6 hours of sleep cause I have to be up early to cook. Arghhh 1 more month till holidays. And I won't be in school afterwards anymore!!!!! Finally convinced my mum to let me drop out. YAAAAS. I hope that everything would be good and everything will be fine so I can prove everyone else wrong. And all of a sudden I just realized that I have dandruff?????? I just reborn my hair and it should be okay WHATS GOING ON. Starting to freak out right now.

Okay I guess that's all I have for now. Pretty sleepy already. Goodnight :)

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