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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

what is love?

Love; the complicated topic. It's not always complicated, but people tend to complicate it unnecessarily. Everyone wants someone to love them, but never seem to love themselves first.

Someone asked me today "What is love?" And that got me thinking. Why is it so hard to love someone sometime? Then it came to me.

Love tends to come in different form and it definition differs from person to person.

My personal definition of love is acceptance. When you love someone, you already accept them for who they are. Despite their bad habits or whatever flaws they have. Because love overtakes all of that. Easier said than done. Cause I asked myself, how did I manage to love people who has hurt me countlessly. People who have betrayed me, belittled me. Then comes my second answer; forgiveness. It's not easy to forgive. But then again, no one is perfect. Everyone make mistakes. Everyone makes choices to protect their heart sometimes. We all make bad choices, sometimes in fear of hurting ourselves or maybe out of selfishness.

We often hold grudges but forget about the times people have let go of all the bad things we have done against them. We put our anger and hatred first. And then, we'd get blinded by all these pain and anger.

And maybe that's why sometimes I can't seem to love myself. I can't accept and/or be able to forgive myself for the things I do. Be it to protect myself or out of selfishness.

Well, after all, that's just my opinion and it doesn't necessarily have to make sense to anyone else. Like I said, everyone's definition differs and maybe, just maybe, that's why it's so hard to love someone sometimes.

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